VetSurgeon & VetNurse site statistics

Site statistics July-December 2018

168,447 users, generating 1,230,136 page views, average session duration 6.65 minutes

Full Google Analytics reports available upon request.

Individual platform analysis available upon request.

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VetSurgeon breakdown

  • All Members - 9,457
  • UK Members - 7,270
  • UK Equine & Mixed Vets - 844
  • UK Farm & Mixed Vets - 815

VetNurse breakdown

  • All Members - 18,412
  • Registered Vet Nurses - 7,163
  • Assistant Vet Nurses - 1,571
  • Practice Managers - 511
  • Student Vet Nurses - 6,255

Banner Advertising

The example statistics are from campaigns run between July-December 2018*. Banner advertising (as detailed in our information card) is a brand awareness form of advertising and should be measured on the number of sets of eyes having been exposed to your brand over the month, i.e. page impressions.

If your campaign objective is a direct call to action campaign, then let's talk about how we can help you via our exclusive Email Alert offering.

*When advertising across both platforms

Header Banners

Page Impressions: up to 83,992
Clicks: up to 153

Side Bar Banners

Page Impressions: up to 226,107
Clicks: up to 251

Email Advertising

Commercial emails are delivered to more than15,000 opted in members (UK Vets and RVNs) Emails are the most effective way to generate a response to your call to action.

Our monthly Need to Know newsletter email offers a succinct summary of the important veterinary news, innovations, latest research and resources announced in the previous month. Unlike anything else, Need to Know newsletter content is sourced from ALL veterinary publications (not just one) and curated by vets for vets and nurses.

Commercial (Jul-Dec 2018)

average open rate 24.3%
average clicks 8.7%

average open rate 21.0%
average clicks 5.6%

Need to Know newsletter
(Jul-Dec 2018)

average open rate 28.9%
average clicks 48.3%

average open rate 22.0%
average clicks 36.7%

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